Order In 3 Easy Steps

Our 16 mil thick decals with high tac adhesive are tough to grab onto low energy plastics and withstand the abuse of moto-crossing and karting.

Our sets come with an extra set for the front bumper.

We make the ordering process as easy as possible all in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Identify your kart template in our library.

Step 2

Check our kart designs and see if you like something to incorporate into your custom design.

Step 3

Email us your instructions, attach photos or anything you may find helpful and give us a call to make sure we got your request.

Kadet Karts

Our Kadet decals are custom made to fit all the latest and legacy kid go-kart, models so you little racer can go faster than ever

Adult Karts

Get ready for the big race with our custom adult go-kart decals made to order for your professional kart.

Complete set with and extra bumper set for:


CRG Minimax kadet

Easy 50 Kadet

EZ60 Freeline XTRB kadet

KDT 1 Split 3 kadet

Old Easy 60 kadet

Tony Kart [rookie] Kadet 2010

Tony Kart Kadet

Tony Kart Kadet Back Bum 2010

Top Kart Komer kadet

Complete set with and extra bumper set for:


Arrow Ax9 adult

Breadbx Birel adult

CRG adult

CRG Rearbumpr adult

Freeline Easybirel 09 adult

Freeline 05 Xtrabmpr adult

GP 2012 [crg KG] adult

Kartmini adult

Kartmini 09 adult

KG 2011 adult

KG EVO & bump 2011 adult

NewStyleDuo adult

Parolin 2014 adult

Parolinkart adult

Techspeed adult

Tony Kartm4RearBump adult

Tony KrtM3 new 08 adult

Tony KrtM4 new 09 adult

Tony KrtM4 sideunico adult

Unico OldtonyKart adult

Unico Xtrabmpr adult

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